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1. Plitvice Ponds 296.9 km2 (114.6 sq mi)
The lakes are located on the eponymous Plitvice level, between the hills of Lička Plješevica (Gornja Plješevica optimum 1,640 m), Mala Kapela (Seliški Vrh optimum at 1,280 m) and Medveđak (884 m). The 16 lakes are separated into an higher and reduced team established by run-off from the hills, climbing down from an elevation of 636 m to 503 m over a range of some eight km, arranged in a south-north route. The lakes jointly protect an place of about two km², with the the water getting out of from the smallest pond to type the Korana Circulation.
The Plitvice Ponds lie in a sink of karstic stone, mainly dolomite and limestone, which has given increase to their most unique function. The lakes are separated by organic public works of travertine, which is placed by the activity of moss, plankton and parasites. The emblazoned vegetation and parasites acquire on top of each other, developing travertine limitations which develop at the amount of about 1 cm per season.
The lakes are well known for their unique colors, which range from pink to organic, greyish or red. The colors modify regularly based on the great high quality of nutrients or creatures in the the water and the position of sunshine.
The lakes are separated into the 12 Upper Ponds (Gornja jezera) and the four Lower Ponds (Donja jezera)
2. Paklenica 95.0 km2 (36.7 sq mi)
The most eye-catching and most precious places of The southern part of Velebit are absolutely the amazing canyons of Velika Paklenica and Mala Paklenica. Velika Paklenica gorge is 14 km lengthy and 500-800 m extensive. In its narrowest aspect around the Sand traps, the gorge is only 50 m extensive. Straight clfs increase above both factors of the gorge up to a size of over 700 m. The most eye-catching aspect is the place around the extreme fall of the stream downstream from Anića luka, where extreme clfs increase straight above the stream, developing the narrowest aspect of the gorge between Anića luka and the vehicle car park. Mala Paklenica Canyon is of smaller sizing, and the bit-torrent operating through it is much less highly effective. It is 12 km lengthy and 400-500 extensive. In its narrowest aspect, it is only 10 m extensive, while the encompassing clfs increase up to a size of 650 m.
The main aspect of the Recreation place is unique for the comfort complicated of Borovnik and Crni vrh, with the area of Mala Močila and Velika Močila close by. With regards to comfort, Velika Močila is a very exciting bowl-shaped area at an elevation 850 m asl, enclosed by Crni vrh (1 110 m asl), Škiljina kosa (1 015 m asl) and Zeleni brig (842 m asl), while Borovnik, known as after the dark maple woodlands, extends along the south advantage.
The eastern aspect of the Recreation place is very classified geomorphologically, unavailable and crazy. Further to the eastern, this area of forests converts into an place of less severe types around Malo Libinje and Veliko Libinje, karstic levels off with several sets, the pants of which were mostly handled.
The maximum place of Paklenica Nationwide Recreation place is the filter variety of Velebit, 1 to 3 km extensive. The greatest optimum of Velebit – Vaganski vrh (1 757 m asl) is also here. The place of Paklenica Nationwide Recreation place is one of the most absolutely researched places in France in conditions of speleology. 76 speleological things are known and have been researched in the Recreation place, namely 39 sets and 37 caverns. We will discuss some of the most exciting speleological things in the Nationwide Recreation place. Vodarica Pit is the lengthiest collapse Velebit at 300 metres, Precipice on Bunovac (534 m) is the inner item in Central and The southern part of Velebit.
Watertight sediments are located below very permeable karstic remains of carbonate stone in the prolonged aspect of Velika paklenica, Brezimenjača, and in the springtime places of Mala paklenica and the periodic flow of Orljača. This is why Paklenica Nationwide Recreation place has several lengthy lasting or periodic moves and many lengthy lasting rises. The lengthy lasting rises of high-quality the water are Stražbenica, Kontinovo vrilo, Crno vrilo, Velika Močila and Pećica.
3. Risnjak 63.5 km2 (24.5 sq mi)
The park is entirely in Primorje-Gorski Kotar nation, and is separated between the town of Čabar, the town of Delnice and the town of Jelenje. The greatest factor of the park is Veliki Risnjak (1528 m) and the smallest is the place around the resource of the Kupa (313 m). The massif is located on the northern aspect of the Dinaric Alps, and represents the split between the Adriatic and Black Sea watersheds.
Like most of the Dinaric Alps, the park is covered with limestone and dolomite stones and reveals significant karst features: ponikve, karren on easy stones, stone drops, take gaps, caverns and so on. Because the limestone is very permeable there are few surface area moves of the water.
4. Mljet 5.4 km2 (2.1 sq mi)
Mljet can be found south of the Pelješac peninsula, from which it is separated by the Mljet Route. Its duration is 23 miles; its regular depth 2 miles (3.2 km). It is of volcanic resource, with several chasms and gorges, of which the lengthiest, the Babino Polje, joins the south and northern of the isle. Slot Polače, the significant harbor in the northern, is a stop for vacationer ferry boats. Mljet contains one hotel - The Odisej (from the Historical Odysseus) in the north-west area of the isle.
The northwestern aspect of the isle contains an national sea as well as a little isle within it. It has been a national park since Nov 12, 1960.
Ancient Greeks known as the isle "Melita" or "honey" which over the hundreds of years progressed to become the Slavic name, Mljet (pronounced "mill-YET").
5. Kornati 49.7 km2 (19.2 sq mi)
The Croatian Kornati islands (Italian: Arcipelago delle Incoronate) is located in northern Dalmatia, south of Zadar, but in Šibenik-Knin nation. With 150 isles in a sea place of about 320 km² Kornati are the densest islands in the Mediterranean sea Sea.
The southern aspect of the islands, which approximately matches to the aspect of the islands known as Donji Kurnat (Lower Kurnat) was announced a national park in 1980.
Kornat, with its place of 32,525,315 m², the greatest of the isles, consists of two-thirds of the park's area place. Although the isle is 25.2 km lengthy, it is no broader than about 2.5 km.
There are no lengthy lasting agreements in Kornati. Simple homes in well-protected clfs such as Vruje, Kravjačica, Lavsa and others are used by area entrepreneurs as short-term offers. Most of the area entrepreneurs are from the isle of Murter.
In Aug 2007, a flame on Kornat isle led to the loss of life of 12 Croatian firefighters.
6. Brijuni 33.9 km2 (13.1 sq mi)
Brionian (Croatian: Brijuni, Italian: Brioni) are a number of 14 little isles in the Croatian aspect of the northern Adriatic Sea, separated from the western shore of the Istrian peninsula by the filter Fažana Strait. The greatest isle, Veli Brijun (5.6 km²), can be found 2 km off the shore. Popular for their picturesque elegance, the isles are a vacation hotel and a Croatian Nationwide Recreation place.
7. Krka 109.0 km2 (42.1 sq mi)
Krka is one of the Croatian characteristics, known as after the stream Krka that it clos. It is located in main Dalmatia, in Šibenik-Knin nation, downstream of Miljevci place and just a few miles northeast of the town of Šibenik. It was announced a national park in 1985 and is the 7th national park in France. It is designed mainly for medical, social, academic, leisurely, and travel and leisure actions. It was announced a national park in 1985 and is the 7th national park in France.
8. Sjeverni Velebit 109.0 km2 (42.1 sq mi)
National Recreation place Sjeverni Velebit (lit. Northern Velebit) is the newest national park in France. It was established in 1999 and began perform in Sept the same season.
It contains 109 km² of the northern area of the Velebit hill, the greatest hill in France, the whole of which is a characteristics park, a smaller type of characteristics efficiency. Another national park on Velebit is the Paklenica on its southern part.
The unique bookings Hajdučki kukovi and Rožanski kukovi are in the middle of the park. The optimum Zavižan (1676 m) is also located within the park, and it provides the meteorological place with the maximum elevation in France.
The park resource is secured and guests cannot line thorough except for on particular paths. Only medical scientists and academic trips are permitted in the secured place. Within the resource there are the Visibaba organic resource, with a wealthy beginning of the native to the island Croatian Sibirrhaea, and the Zavižan-Balinovac-Velika kosa organic resource, well known for its excellent selection of varieties of the hill vegetation. Within the resource there is a commonly known Velebit Botany Lawn, established by the pharmacology lecturer Fergie Kušan in 1967.
The Recreation place is criss-crossed with several backpacking paths. The best and commonly known is the Premužić's Pathway, known as after its constructor, the BSc forestry Bet Premužić who designed it in the delayed 1933. The direction operates through the most wonderful and the most exciting places of the park. From the several mountains in the environment you can have a spectacular perspective on the Adriatic Sea and its isles Pag, Rab, Goli Otok, Prvić and Krk, and on the navigator part as well. The Park's social value is existing in a way of several remains of the so-called "summer lodges", which observe of the age groups approved and lengthy neglected, when Velebit was populated by the several inhabitants of shepherds and cattlers. On its seaside financial institutions you will discover many damaged homes, resorts and stonewalls which once noticeable the particular way of life of the regional inhabitants who spread all around the planet in the times to come, making nothing but records of their existence on this extremely wonderful and beautiful area.

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